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2018年10月16日 星期二


Initial Inspection
 Before you begin installing your card, please make sure that the following materials have been shipped:
• 1 PCA-6180 socket 370 Pentium® III / Celeron® processor-based single board computer
• 1 PCA-6180 Startup Manual
• 1 CD with driver utility and manual (in PDF format)
• 2 SCSI driver disks (optional)
• 1 FDD cable
• 2 Ultra ATA 100 HDD cables, P/N: 1701400452
• 1 printer (parallel port) cable & COM port cable kit, P/N: 1700060305
• 1 ATX-to-PS/2 power cable, P/N: 1700000450
• 1 ivory cable for PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse, P/N: 1700060202
• 1 single-slot bracket, P/N: 1962159010
• 1 USB cable adapter (optional), P/N: 1700100170
If any of these items are missing or damaged, contact your distributor or sales representative immediately. We have carefully inspected the PCA-6180 mechanically and electrically before shipment. It should be free of marks and scratches and in perfect working order upon receipt. As you unpack the PCA-6180, check it for signs of shipping damage. (For example, damaged box, scratches, dents, etc.) If it is damaged or it fails to meet the specifications, notify our service department or your local sales representative immediately. Also notify the carrier. Retain the shipping carton and packing material for inspection by the carrier. After inspection, we will make arrangements to repair or replace the unit.

1.1 Introduction The PCA-6180 Series all-in-one industrial grade CPU card uses Intel®'s highly acclaimed Pentium® III / Celeron® processor, together with the Intel® 815E chipset.

The card works with standard ISA- or PCI/ISA-bus passive backplanes.

The CPU provides 256/128 KB on-CPU L2 cache, eliminating the need for external SRAM chips. It has two PCI EIDE interfaces (for up to four devices) and a floppy disk drive interface (for up to two devices). Other features include two RS-232 serial ports (16C550 UARTs with 16-byte FIFO or compatible), one enhanced parallel port (supports SPP/EPP/ECP) and four USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports.

The PCI enhanced IDE controller supports Ultra ATA/100/66/33 and PIO Mode 4 operation. This provides data transfer rates of 100/66/ 33 MB/sec. System BIOS supports boot-up from an IDE HDD/CDROM, SCSI HDD/CD-ROM, LS-120, ZIP-100, FDD, and LAN. A backup of CMOS data is stored in Chapter 1 Hardware Configuration

Features 1. Fan status monitoring and alarm: To prevent system overheating and damage, the CPU fan can be monitored for speed and failure. The fan is set for its normal RPM range and alarm thresholds. 2. Temperature monitoring and alert: To prevent system overheating and damage, the CPU card supports processor thermal sensing and auto-protection. 3. Voltage monitoring and alert: System voltage levels are monitored to ensure stable current flows to critical components. Voltage specifications will become even more critical for processors of the future. Thus monitoring will become ever more necessary to ensure proper system configuration and management. 4. ATX soft power switch: Through the BIOS, the power button can be defined as the "Standby" (aka "Suspend" or "Sleep") button or as the "Soft-Off" button (see Section 3.6.6 Soft-off by PWR-BTN). Regardless of the setting, pushing the power button for more than 4 seconds will enter the Soft-Off mode. 5. Power-on by modem (requires modem): This allows a computer to be turned on remotely through an internal or external modem. Users can thus access information on their computers from anywhere in the world. 6. Remote wake-up: This feature (aka "Wake-on-LAN") allows you to remotely power up your system through your network by sending a wake-up frame or signal. With this feature, you can remotely upload/download data to/from systems during off-peak hours. 7. Message LED: Chassis LEDs now act as information providers. The way a particular LED illuminates indicates the stage the computer is in. A single glimpse provides useful information to the user. 8. Jumperless mode: When enabled, this allows changes of 4 PCA-6180 User's Manual processor settings and Vcore voltages all through the BIOS setup. 9. CMOS RAM backup: When BIOS CMOS setup has been completed, data in the CMOS RAM is automatically backed up to the Flash ROM. This is particularly useful in industrial environments which may cause soft errors. Upon such an error, BIOS will check the data and automatically restore the original data for rebooting. 10.More: • Additional metal bracket for CPU stabilization • Power on by alarm: Powers up your computer at a certain time • Virus warning: During and after system boot-up, any attempt to write to the boot sector or p Chapter 1 Hardware Configuration 5 1.3 Specifications 1.3.1 System • CPU: Intel Pentium® III processor up to 933 MHz, Celeron® up to 733 MHz, FSB 66/100/133 MHz. • Firmware hub: Provides security enhancements on computer platforms by supporting Random Number Generator (RNG). • BIOS: Award Flash BIOS. • System Chipset: Intel® 815E. • PCI enhanced IDE hard disk drive interface: Supports up to four IDE (AT-bus) large hard disk drives or other enhanced IDE devices. Supports PIO mode 4 (16.67 MB/s data transfer rate) and Ultra ATA 100/66/33 (100/66/33 MB/s data transfer rate). BIOS enabled/disabled. • Floppy disk drive interface: Supports up to two floppy disk drives, 5¼" (360 KB and 1.2 MB) and/or 3½" (720 KB, 1.44 MB, and 2.88 MB). BIOS enabled/disabled. 1.3.2 Memory • RAM: Up to 512 MB in three available 168-pin DIMM sockets. Supports PC100/ PC133-compliant SDRAMs. • ECC (parity DRAM): not supported. 1.3.3 Input/Output • Bus interface: PCI/ISA bus, PICMG compliant. • Enhanced parallel port: Configurable to LPT1 or disabled. Standard DB-25 female connector provided. Supports EPP/ECP. • Serial ports: Two RS-232 ports with 16C550 UARTs (or compatible) with 16-byte FIFO buffer. Supports speeds up to 115.2 Kbps. Ports can be individually configured to COM1, COM2, or disabled. 6 PCA-6180 User's Manual • Keyboard and PS/2 mouse connector: A 6-pin mini-DIN connector is located on the mounting bracket for easy connection to a keyboard or a PS/2 mouse. An onboard keyboard pin header connector is also available. • HISA®: ISA bus high-driving capability up to 64 mA. 1.3.4 VGA interface • Supports AGP 2X, 133 MHz. • Controller: Chipset integrated. 1.3.5 SCSI interface • PCI SCSI: Supports 32-bit PCI interface and Ultra 160 SCSI or legacy single-ended devices; data transfer up to 160 MB/sec. • Chipset: Adaptec AIC-7892. 1.3.6 Ethernet LAN • Supports dual 10/100Base-T Ethernet networking. • Chipset: One onboard Intel® GD82559 and one chipset integrated LAN controller. 1.3.7 Industrial features • Watchdog timer: Can generate a system reset or IRQ11. The watchdog timer is programmable, from one second to 255 minutes (255 levels). See Appendix A for the programming details. 1.3.8 Mechanical and environmental specifications • Operating temperature: 0°~60° C (32° ~ 140° F). Note: The temperature depends on which CPU is used. The range is 0°~50° (32°~122°F) for a Pentium© III 933 MHz. • Storage temperature: 0°~ 60° C (32° ~ 140° F). • Humidity: 20 ~ 95% non-condensing. Chapter 1 Hardware Configuration 7 • Power supply voltage: +5 V, ±12 V. • Power consumption (depends on CPU and memory): +5 V @ 6 A (typical, with Pentium III 866 MHz and 128MB SDRAM). • Board size: 338 x 122 mm (13.3" x 4.8"). • Board weight: 0.5 kg (1.2 lb). DATA

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